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Your (color) eyes snap open, and as you spring up in bed, the familiar shrill ringing of your alarm clock filling the air, you feel slight tremors overtake your body and you notice your body has broken out in a cold sweat. Your chest is pounding only the slightest bit faster as your head aches with the signs of an approaching migraine. "How long…" you whisper, voice horse, "has it been since I've had these dreams. Why can't I really go back…?" What was this place you were crying about?
You couldn't place its name, not yet, but you could feel its name somewhere deep inside, an ancient secret ingrained in minds, just waiting to be unlocked. It seemed so familiar, but you knew it was not your world. At least, not the one you grew up in.
The first thing you noticed was off was how intense it felt, as if you were actually walking down a path between rows of tress that seemed to be encased in snow and ice. That's the second thing: the trees were all vibrant greens, as if snow was their livelihood.  Even so, you thought them beautiful, a picture perfect scene of winter.  Your feet were buried a little over ankle length, but you were able to glide through it with little resistance. The cold was brutal but you trekked onwards, feeling a tug that propelled to keep moving.
Minutes pass and finally, you reach an opening through the trees, which are littered with hidden animals, gazing at you with an aura of curiosity tempered with wariness.  Walking further, light bursts, causing you to shield your eyes with your fingers and give your eyes to adjust to the sudden brightness. Eventually, when your eyes stop watering enough to give you a clearer view, your jaw drops upon seeing a bird's eye view of a large town, and from this distance you can barely make out tall ice structures which stand proudly against the light gray-blue sky.
Looking down, you realize your perched on a moderately sized hill, high enough that you were a little uneasy about walking down, but the cold seemed to pierce though and if you wanted to even make it to the city-town (the term that you had dubbed this place mentally), with minimal limbs frozen, you would have to summon u very last ounce of will and courage, and carefully step down the hill. That was your plant until you heard a strange sound that echoes in the treed behind you. It becomes louder and you can almost hear footsteps? "Hehehehe….you'll never find what you're looking for by being so reluctant to go after it…" wait, who? It sounded like a guy's voice, and a young one at that. No: not childish', but close to your age, even perhaps older.

You move to turn around when you feel a pair of hands lightly press on your back and soon, you're tilted forward. "Whaa!" a shriek escapes your lips as you begin to slide face forward but then, a strange sensation feels your gut, almost as if it were made of thin air, and your body is lifted from the ground and you're soaring high above treetops. You suppress the overwhelming urge to cry and puke at the same time, too mesmerized by the miracle of floating, without any strings attached.   "No...Way…" you breath out, high on a sudden adrenaline rush, as the voice returns, "What beings you here stranger?"

Eyes flutter open, and when you look up, you meet a pair of blue eyes framed by white hair. HOSH—This thought gets cut off when you land on your bottom, slightly hard, but nothing overly painful, and a voice asks, "What's your name?" Looking around the figure has disappeared but you can feel yourself being watched. The cold comes to bite you again but you try to push it to the back of your mind. At least the wind wasn't blowing too hard; you peer around curiously, while trying not to be too obvious about it, and state clearly your answer. "My name's (N-name).  Thank you for helping me." You giggle internally at the urge to curtsy, and go to turn back around, and collide with a broad chest.

This causes another plant in the snow, and you groan, feeling your clothes become soaked, knowing you were going to get sick. "Jeez-.what now?" you look up and almost lose the ability to speak.  Standing a little close for comfort in front you is a tall, white-haired teen wearing a blue hooded sweater which covered his tall, thin build, and is lightly coated in frost around the collar. He's also wearing a pair of brown pants that have material shades lighter that goes from his knees to the ends, which you see are in tatters, and here you notice that for some reason, he's barefoot.  
Clutched in is pale hand is a staff which looks like something a shepherd would wield, and you gulp nervously, wondering when or if he was going to say something forest or kill you without a word. Wait, that was silly, why would he help you if he wanted to kill you? Then again, was he the one who helped you?

Snickering fills your ears once more and your gaze quickly snaps back to the stranger, who has a hand held out in front you. Blushing, you slowly grasp it with both hands, almost like a child, and are pulled up effortlessly.  "Thanks again." You mutter looking down art your own feet, noticing how close to blue his seemed. You jump however when you feel something move to lift you head up to meet the boy's. "You're welcome!" You flinch; the voice that came from him did not fit his spooky, ethereal appearance at all if he were an old wizened wizard.

"Um…" well this was a bit awkward, though now you got a closer look; he definitely was young, no older than around 18 or 19.  "I'm Jack! The voice cheered, and you can't help but smile. "Nice to meet you." you hold out your hand for a handshake, only to have it pumped enthusiastically, the staff fallen in the snow, as if forgotten. "Ok, ok, ok!" you exclaim, your arm feeling like it was about to pop out of its socket.  He lets go, smiling mischievously, while you rub your arm a few times. "So…", you trail off shyly, self-conscious in front of, Jack he said his name was?

"Sew? Hehehehe! Isn't that for girls?" You do a double-take at him; was he serious? The lopsided grin told you, no he was not, he just clearly wanted to mess around with you.  Struck with a sudden bout of childishness, you stick your turn out, and say, "Ha-ha. Very funny!" he laughs again, and you smirk, and quick as a flash, you scoop up some snow and aim it at him. He, for some reason, smirks, and shakes his head while picking up his staff. "I wouldn't…"

Grinning impishly, you ready the throw, trying to gather as much of your strength as possible, and he just sighs. "Hit me with your best shot." This throws you off a little at first, but you let out an evil chuckle, and throw it.  

           It soared through the air, and when it was millimeters from him, it…stopped? "What the f…" you stop the curses from coming, but, you aren't able to duck in time when it comes flying back to you. It impacts your shoulder, making you stumble, but you manage to stay on your feet. You warily look back at Jack, who is holding out his staff. "Like I said…I wouldn't do that if I were you."

            Taking in short, panicky breaths, you turn around and bolt, screaming. Well, it was a good try, but the snow suddenly feels too heavy around your legs and you're halted in your own tracks before you get more than two feet away.
"Why did you run? I'm not that ugly, am I?" Him, ugly? Didn't he own a mirror?  With a deer in the headlights expression you glare at him. "Jack…" He couldn't mean!
He quick an eyebrow at you and finishes, "I'm Jack Frost.  I thought that was obvious…" he leans in closer to you and asks with a unnervingly serious frown, "You want to explain how you're here?"

AN! Short and ending on a cliffhanger, but I plan on making the next one longer, and I left on a good place here, and I wrote notes for ideas so I should be ok with updating the next one. Keep cool!
I know I know it's short but I left in a good place and I plan to include much morei n the next one. bye~!Hope you all had a great holiday!
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Ohhhhhh please continue it
Im-the-drawer011300 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I can't wait til the next chapter
DivineSpiritual Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Him, ugly? Doesn't he own a mirror?' Indeed. XD Jack couldn't be ugly even if he tried. :love:
xbloody-nightmarex Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013

XD lol yep just as a motivational poster said: the coldest guy on the planet= hottest(err.. or at least something like that) XD

ty for the comment <3 :iconhugplz:


fireflower101 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
xbloody-nightmarex Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
thank you! hopefully I can update soon and not just his one XD
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