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December 21, 2012
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AN : Hi everyone~~ yea doing a snapped Canada x reader but I'm going to try take on a more different interpretation with it so hopefully you find it enjoyable <3
He had to wonder…were you scared, crying from terror. Or did you think this was all just some prank? Or maybe, a nightmare you think you'd wake up from and laugh about later? With a shrug, he dismissed these thoughts with the resolution that'd you'll find out soon enough…just like the others.
there are a million things someone can ponder if given the time: emotions, people, the world, sports, name it; chances are someone's talking about it. However, the only thing you've got to wonder right now is... why are you trapped in a cramped space... and how did you get there...and are those footsteps?

------------------ 4 days earlier, late December/early January-------------------------------
they don't understand do they? Having to bear the pain of existing only for others to take advantage, to look right through you... How ungrateful they are; to go carefree and apathetic to innate struggles to be revered. But not; they must be taught a lesson…they will…they will be saved from their selfish, depraved existence… they wouldn't see it coming…

           "(Naaaameee!!) You barely have any time to brace yourself before another body tackles you in a crushing hug.  "Yaaahh!" a shriek escapes your lips after you're tackled off the park bench, and find yourself encased in warm arms and a familiar voice babbling, "Ve! Ciao bella!" followed by the sensation of your neck being nuzzled. "Hey, Feli!" you giggle, while trying to get your heart rate to slow down.   "Ve~~ you alright bella? I was walking by and noticed you sitting here but you looked kind of down…"

                "I'm ok…" Scared out of my mind a little, just like everyone else, but ok... "VE! You mean how people keep disappearing?!" You blink a few times and curse mentally. FFFFF!!-- I said that out loud? "Vee~~~ Si." You feel the Italian's arms slip away from you and a hand comes into view. Smiling gratefully, you places your hand in his, giving a quick squeeze and he gently pulls you from the ground. "Say, (Name) why don't walk you home so I know you're safe?" You're about to accept—who wouldn't with all the craziness going on—"But what about you? I don't want you to walk home alone…" Never forget what you learn in movies—loners are the first to get picked off with a madman loose.  Or…wait, was that something different?

          "Ahh! You're right! Why not come over to stay with my fratello and me at our place? A bunch of our friends are over they're hanging out too and we can all have a little fiesta! ~~" You smile and accept eagerly, "Awesome!"

      However, just as the sun had just set over the horizon a little time ago, the clock would soon countdown until you were thrown into a fight to survive as two blank eyes studied your and the Italian's retreating figures vanishing into the distance…
.....yea a reader insert XD just a prolouge but hope it can only get more exciting right XD
but first special thank you for my friend fireflower101 <3 :iconsweethugplz:
12-24 editL O.O the view and fave count :iconhappycryplz: aww,you guys.... but I finally got the preview pic uplaoded tempate from Internet but i added in the bg and dark outline/shading :D

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lilyjeanne4ever Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Is there moar pwz? :iconbegplz:
yes yes there will be more :3 i just gotta try to write it out XD/slapped for laziness
hopefully itll be out by the weekend thanks for the feedback :iconhugplz:
lilyjeanne4ever Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I can't wait!
C: I hope to have it out before the weekend :D
hi! next chapter up! [link]
kinda short DX but im gonna tery to make them longer
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! :icongwompplz:
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